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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback.

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I ABSOLUTELY Love Park9!! My apartment is phenomenal! This is truly a hidden GEM Community and I know more is to come!”

Tamika F.

  • “These are pretty decent apartments. The amenities are a pool, community garden, beautiful club house, small playground, dog park, and gym. We don’t have a business center or laundry room.”

    – Tammy G.

  • “Friendly environment. Fun resident social events. Pet friendly. Community garden that I can’t wait to use. I even got lucky enough to live next to a handsome next door neighbor 😁.”

    – Shalese H.

  • “Great staff, apartments are awesome. Best maintenance around. Neighbors are great. This place rocks. They really care, and make living here really fun with events and community boards. Love the community picture gallery!”

    – Sean F.

  • “It’s has been very peaceful. I don’t think there is to much to say because I’ve just moved in. I can’t wait until it heats up outside and see how beautiful the landscaping is.”

    – Brandon W.

  • “We absolutely love living here. The community is great and the front office is proactive. It’s set up like a neighborhood which is great for walking pets or just taking a walk. Something that was important to us was not having a lot of carpet. I have allergies and the only carpet is in the bedrooms and that is the case with all of the units here.”

    – Chloe P.

  • “It’s been great so far , friendly staff quick on requests. Mostly quiet although it’s gotten a little noisier . Like the place so far signed a new lease”

    – Daniel M.

  • “Love it here moving in was breeze and I was able to move without looking at the unit in person but was able to look at amazing photos to help with my decision.”

    – Maricka W.

  • “Difficulty with the resident login on the portal and getting one or two maintenance requests resolved. Otherwise, it’s the perfect complex and neighborhood!!!”

    – Wendy D.

  • “Great location, beautiful complex, and amazing staff. Very happy here. Staff is very responsive to maintenance requests and any requests in general.”

    – Jeanette M.

  • “I enjoy the atmosphere and community of park 9 however it would be nice to see some attention to the functionality and upkeep of our community. We have a lot of broken streetlights making the community a bit spooky at sun down. It would also be nice to have gas at the fire pit during this chilly weather and some repairs on the fire doors so they don’t slam all day and night. I hope as warmer weather comes we can see some grass in our parks and common areas.”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Everything’s great, no roaches and that is my most important issue, and modern and updated apartment. Quiet and good maintenance providers. Would recommend.”

    – Max T.

  • “So far I like it. I like how quiet it is. Even though there are pets, you do t really hear them. I’m excited to start using the gym and hoping for nicer weather soon to take a dip in the pool.”

    – Marlon M.

  • “Overall very satisfied with living here! A few scuffs and things needed to be repaired during move it, but management was able to fix. Very nice community”

    – Joseph L.

  • “Helpful staff, modern apartments and amenities. Prime location, and quiet neighborhood. Update: 2 months post move-in- the parking situation is untenable if you arrive after dark. Other than that, happy here!”

    – Shalese H.

  • “We have enjoyed our time here. The management group is committed to ensuring that all residents have a great experience and follow policies for the betterment of the community.”

    – Davis A.

  • “Parking is the biggest issue at Park 9! While a few of the abandoned cars have been removed (THANK YOU!), we still have a couple hanging out. There are 4-5 trailers taking up spots over by the dumpster as well as numerous vehicles that park in fire lanes overnight. If there were to be any kind of emergency, emergency personnel would have a tough time getting to where they need to go. I am still very uncomfortable with Park 9 renting out to Airbnb – kind of weird given that I had to complete a background check to be approved to live here.. The pros of living in P9: • trash pickup • no issue with maintenance as of yet • nice gym (a few broken machines, but nothing major) • haven’t gone to the pool in my 2 years living hrfe, but it’s pretty • aesthetically pleasing”

    – Bronte W.

  • “I love this neighborhood. I can actually trust that my kid will be safe when she plays outside and everyone is so respectful of the property.”

    – Kayla M.

  • “Apartment complex is nice and Kayla is always a pleasure to work with at the office. The grounds are well kept and the neighbors are usually quiet.”

    – Krista C.

  • “We love living here. The staff is great and the residents are friendly. It’s set up like a neighborhood and it’s a great place to be able to walk pets. Everything is nice and clean here.”

    – Chloe P.

  • “Great amenities. Staff is awesome. Neighbors are all friendly. Parking spots are a little narrow, but I can deal with that. We are very happy here.”

    – Sean F.

  • “The staff is always professional and courageous! They made the transition in moving here very easy and painless! Very happy with my choice!!”

    – Ryan C.

  • “Wonderful experience so far. Can hear neighbors more than I would like but it’s apartment living so not a big deal. Front office is very approachable and attentive.”

    – Isjour B.

  • “Very friendly community and quiet! The units are beautiful and spacious as well, the parking is plentiful and it’s close to everything! I’m new to the community and can’t wait to use the amenities.”

    – Wendy D.

  • “Nice residents no problems whatsoever.Everyone seems polite with positive energy. I definitely feel at home. I love the peaceful atmosphere.”

    – Tonya B.

  • “Whats not to love about the community at park9. Wonderful amenities and fantastic resident activities! Constant improvements and involvement from the entire team !”

    – Kasandra P.

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