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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback.

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I ABSOLUTELY Love Park9!! My apartment is phenomenal! This is truly a hidden GEM Community and I know more is to come!”

Tamika F.

  • “Lovely, friendly and professional staff! Always available and willing to assist. We love our apartment and the location to everything. Great amenities.”

    – Akhil J.

  • “So nice to come back into a clean apartment area. Grounds are kept up; repairs made and the management team goes around spit checking. Big thanks to staff”

    – Dennis W.

  • “The community continues to improve with each passing day! Always making new improvements to the property and working on the resident experience. I cant way to see the landscaping improvements they have in store for the dog park!”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Still enjoying my stay! I appreciate everything you all have done and I will miss being at Park 9! This has been one of the best apartment complexes I have lived at, so I know it will always stay with me! :)”

    – Christopher M.

  • “Easy living. Maintenance is spectacular! The ladies in the front office are speedy to reply! Love the sound of the pool when I have my door open”

    – Anna C.

  • “This apartment is very clean and quiet at night (as it should be). Parking is slightly annoying, but everyone here is sensible so it’s bearable. Best apartment I’ve rent from so far.”

    – Max G.

  • “I always enjoy my time and living experience here at Park 9. The neighbors I’ve met and know are absolutely lovely, and the grounds are well-kept. The view from my balcony is exceptional.”

    – Lindsey B.

  • “I really like living in this community. Every member of the staff is kind and caring. The property is well maintained, and the grounds are kept neat and clean. I took off half a star since the apartment layout is a little strange and all the living room floors have vinyl planking instead of carpet, which means we sometimes hear the neighbors above us.”

    – Melissa M.

  • “We love it here!! Everybody is amazing 🤩 and always willing to help! The renovations look amazing 🤩 I couldn’t ask for a better place to reside!”

    – Schyann H.

  • “I’ve been at Park 9 for a little over a year. No complaints! Wonderful community. The staff in the leasing office always go above and beyond. The maintenance staff always respond quickly and efficiently.”

    – Jackie R.

  • “I am very happy with my community. The recent painting looks great! I need to check when the office opens so I can work from home in the clubhouse.”

    – Christopher P.

  • “A beautiful community that never stops improving! Constantly giving back to residents and taking care of everyones wants and needs on a personal level! It is a blessing to live in this community. The office staff and management take care of each resident and give back to the community with grand hearts.”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Posting of events pertaining to the apartment residence is found by the mail room for all to see and schedule participation. Like Hot chocolate week. Now Holiday wrapping supplies free and work area to wrap gifts. Plus up coming Pizza day (December 20) and Donuts at the . club house day (December 22) Great way to meet our neighbors. 5 stars !!!!”

    – Dennis W.

  • “I love Park 9. There’s a great sense of community and tranquility within the area. The staff is quick and efficient with their response times and with keeping the grounds clean for residents. The amenities are amazing especially the gym. I love living here.”

    – Kameron T.

  • “The transformation with the apartment complex is great! Love the new paint color. Everything is still going well and I love being able to call Park 9 home.”

    – Christopher M.

  • “My overall experience has been pleasant aside from one noisy neighbor. The neighbors are friendly and kind. The staff is courteous and always available to assist when needed. The maintenance staff is also courteous and never makes you wait to solve a problem within your unit. I believe the most amount of time me or my sister has ever had to wait is five minutes. I’ve never experienced such great customer service in all my days of renting.”

    – Joyce S.

  • “We are very pleased with our apartment. The management group is attentive and helpful. Maintenance staff is quick to address and correct repair requests.”

    – Richard B.

  • “Love living here! The people are amazing. Going into year 2. Kayla is amazing, maintenance is fast. They also offer text communication! Perfect location as well ❤”

    – Rakiya G.

  • “Quiet, peaceful and friendly environment, with amazing staff who will always help you when you need it. I feel very safe here. Perhaps the only problem is parking, someone else is still parking in front of your building. However, I highly recommend living here.”

    – Petr S.

  • “Staff is excellent and willing to help on any issues. Office area is beautiful and great place to visit. Our issues are being addressed by staff and we are still very new.”

    – Dennis W.

  • “This property is so well maintained and I have great neighbors!!! The staff is superb and is Always professional!!! I am definitely satisfied with the choice I made to move here. It’s the perfect location to everything!!!!”

    – Tyreesha M.

  • “Is just amazing neighbors , everything is great super clean and great school in the area , the attention from the crew is perfect , apartment look new , club house and pool is perfect for share time with the friends”

    – Ricardo A.

  • “We’ve lived here for several years now and it’s a very nice apartment complex. Occasional noise issues and parking availability can be an issue but outside of that we enjoy living here”

    – Krista C.

  • “It is pretty nice. I enjoy walking the complex and the pool is nice. I wish you had stationary bikes in the exercise room .They are easier than spinning bikes.”

    – Cherry N.

  • “The team was amazing A hybrid environment digital resources plus the on premise personalized experience experience with access to human interaction made this a seamless transition Miranda and Kayla have made us feel welcome and And provided an environment where we feel safe and actually feel like we are at home And the accessibility to get resources we need has been phenomenal and every digital platform has been very user-friendly again adding to an incredibly value added experience for us moving into Park 9 We are so grateful to be here thank you for the beautiful accommodating modern environment you have provided”

    – Julie C.

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