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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback.

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I ABSOLUTELY Love Park9!! My apartment is phenomenal! This is truly a hidden GEM Community and I know more is to come!”

Tamika F.

  • “3 stars only because I’ve seen a lot of resistance do not pick up after their dogs and multiple have been off leash. I work in the vet med field and know the dangers of of leash untrained dogs.”

    – Audrey R.

  • “The best place I have ever rented from is Park Nine. The atmosphere is so family friendly and just a wonderful place to leave. Everyone is so friendly. The management is the best and so thoughtful.”

    – Connie T.

  • “I been living here for a year in a half and I love this place it’s a great place to live and the people here are very nice and the staff are very sweet and helpful. If I have a problem I can always count on them to help with anything if they can’t help me they will get someone who can solve the problem”

    – Casey M.

  • “The office staff is good, the maintenance crew is great. The only objection is that the hallway floors are stained with dog urine stains and drippings from garbage bags. The grounds are kept very good.”

    – Marc G.

  • “I have mixed opinions on Park 9! It’s a nice complex and well kept, but the parking situation is horrible and it’s so unbelievably loud! I’m really annoyed that Park 9 is now an Airbnb hub! It’s left me with an uncomfortable feeling. My husband and I have lived here a little over a year now and have seen so many abandoned cars! Parking is slim to begin with and seeing the spots taken up by cars that just sit is very annoying! This complaint is not going to fix anything, but I don’t like that Park 9 is not a gated community. I was okay with it at first, but with it being so close to 575, it’s unsettling to know that we are an easy target to whatever someone could target. Overall, it’s aesthetically pleasing, but I do not recommend living here.”

    – Bronte W.

  • “The complex is well taken care, it smells like fresh laundry on the sidewalks and the staff is super friendly! I feel safe and happy living here!”

    – Megan P.

  • “My entire experience from applying to my move in were seemless. The staff was knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond to questions. It is quiet, and the grounds are kept clean. I highly recommend living at Park 9 Apartments.”

    – Ladonna Y.

  • “Great place to live! The staff is super nice and helpful with even the simplest of questions. The community is very friendly. Always kept up to date with what is going on and all the updates to make our lives nicer!”

    – Davis A.

  • “So far it has been great. Maintenance is fast to respond to the minor issues that I’ve had. Good amenities and direct connections to local mountain biking trails is a huge plus as well.”

    – Max T.

  • “Amazing place!! We are in love with the community and amenities!! Just 30 days here, and my family agree this is an amazing place!! The staff was so nice with us in all application process, the neighborhood is wonderful, location is perfect! We love to be here!!”

    – Neyla M.

  • “I kinda basically love it here! I am excited to see what park 9 has in store for the residents as they continue to improve the community regularly. The aesthetics are becoming more modern with every upgrade and I look forward to what they will do to improve the grounds this year.”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Awesome place ! Great staff ! Really enjoy everything this complex has to offer. Thank you park 9.i wish I would have found this place earlier.”

    – Scott B.

  • “Good experience no complaints . Happy to be here. A lot nicer than a lot of other places that have been viewed. This was a fantastic decision”

    – Demarcio P.

  • “I have just moved in and already feel at home. All other residents I have interacted with have been extremely friendly and welcoming. I cannot wait to see what this great community has in store!”

    – Davis A.

  • “We been Park9 3years. Always Welcome neighborhood and Great management. Great locations for shopping, restaurants, school and church, too. We loved be here so far. 💕”

    – Angelina C.

  • “Just moved in but love it so far! Very happy with this choice. Everyone has been fantastic and love the unit. Have not had a chance to wander around to see all of the amenities but will do so today.”

    – Jeanette M.

  • “We just moved here and love it so far ! Friendly staff and great amenities, gym could use some additional equipment but other than that it’s great!”

    – Daniel M.

  • “Great complex with great people and staff! The amenities are always very clean and I’ve never experienced an issue living here for over a year.”

    – Jaylon Y.

  • “I had maintenance done recently. Very prompt service. Thank you so much. Definitely 5 stars. Really great staff and the ladies in the office are awesome.”

    – Scott B.

  • “I just moved in, I needed to find a nice place on short notice to relocate for work. Despite applying on a Sunday and the office being closed that day, I was quickly given a response on the next day and had the lease signed by Tuesday. I was very happy with how quickly it all went. Everyone I have dealt with so far have been friendly and efficient. My apartment is excellent, I am very happy with it and its move in condition was good apart from a minor issue with the key not working on the front door lock which was resolved in 15 minutes. I chose this place primarily because of great reviews left for it and from what I gather so far, those reviews have been fair and accurate. Buildings are beautiful and it’s peaceful here.”

    – Max T.

  • “I’m still continuing to enjoy my time at Park 9, especially since all of the problematic neighbors are no longer living next to me. As always, Kayla, Chermaine, and Dominic are always friendly and willing to help make our time as valuable, and most importantly, peaceful as possible. The grounds are very well-kept, and I’ve made long-lasting relationships with a few neighbors!”

    – Lindsey B.

  • “Park 9 is great. Peaceful environment. Our apartment is great as well, i have no complaints with the community. We also renewed another year”

    – Demarcio P.

  • “Whats not to love about park 9. Great community with great benefits! The community is always growing and improving with the concerns of the residents in mind !”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “I’ve been here since 2020 and Kayla has helped keep my stay as pleasant and fun as possible. Many of my neighbors have become friends and I love that part because everyone looks out for each other here”

    – Jakima S.

  • “I have lived at Park9 for almost seven years and have enjoyed living there. The staff is friendly. I just wish the residents would do a better job of picking up after their dogs.”

    – Tiara S.

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