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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback.

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I ABSOLUTELY Love Park9!! My apartment is phenomenal! This is truly a hidden GEM Community and I know more is to come!”

Tamika F.

  • “Overall, the best kept complex. Font office and Maintenace staff are by far the most caring and friendliest I have ever delt with. Thanks Everyone for being so prompt and professional on taking care of issues!”

    – Douglas D.

  • “Great place to live and close to everything. But the people in business vans that live here need to park on the dirt road. But other than that it’s good place to nice people.”

    – Casey M.

  • “I love the location of Park 9 Apartments. I also love the office staff are always willing to stop and chat an listen to any concerns I might have. It is a very pet friendly complex with lots of great pet parents.”

    – Susan H.

  • “I like it here and hope to see more improvements in 2023. The community is ever growing and changing and I look forward to seeing what park 9 has in store for the residents in the new year. It would be nice to see maintenance in the buildings such as lighting, doors and the grounds.”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Definitely enjoying my time at Park 9! The noise level has been reduced significantly since many of those who caused it have moved out. The entire community staff works hard for their residents to keep an enjoyable and safe atmosphere, and I greatly appreciate it! :)”

    – Lindsey B.

  • “I love park 9 great place to grow and establish a family. Great community and great staff service. Definitely would recommend to friends living here.”

    – Kameron T.

  • “The complex is very nice and the neighbors are friendly. They office staff are very helpful with anything you might need. The one con would be how people park sometimes. Some of the spaces can be more narrow than others and sometimes people don’t park well.”

    – Victoria A.

  • “Great experience with the Leasing staff. Very helpful with all my needs with my new apartment. Also the maintenance crew is outstanding. Definitely well deserved 5 Stars.”

    – Scott B.

  • “Nice quiet place. Pleasant and helpful people in the office. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to live here, when the contract is extended, they will raise your rent by hundreds of dollars without warning, and you don’t even have a parking space and many times you have nowhere to park. Otherwise, I can’t complain about anything and it’s good to live here.”

    – Petr S.

  • “It’s been an enjoyable experience so far. I would ask that non residents refrain from parking near resident buildings. Other than that the community is pleasant.”

    – Taylor H.

  • “Amazing staff and communication! Nothing but positive experiences since we moved in 🙂 I definitely will be recommending this complex to friends in the future.”

    – Ciara C.

  • “I like that the community is close to the outlet mall and it is in a nice quiet area but very near the interstate for a quick commute to work.”

    – Clayton H.

  • “I’m very appreciative of from the management to landscaping maintenance guys. It’s just a well-kept community the people even in the community. They are very great.”

    – Glenn F.

  • “Very quiet neighborhood. The office staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. The upkeep around the property is maintained well. The office staff is always available to help as well as the maintenance staff.”

    – Laurakay L.

  • “Whats not to love about Park 9. Everyone in the office is patient, knowledgeable and kind with any and all requests. The grounds are well maintained and the community is continuously improving!”

    – Kasandra P.

  • “Very nice and quite at all the times, office staff are great helpful and professional, we like to see them always smiling and willing to help.”

    – Marian M.

  • “We enjoy living here. There isn’t a lot of noise. Everyone is very friendly and the staff are very helpful! The only cons are that sometimes the trash compactor can be full and flow outside (very rarely) and sometimes people don’t pick up after their pets. But other than that, a really good place to live!!!”

    – Victoria A.

  • “Great place to live and friendly neighborhood and great workers as well. Everyone is nice and kind and helps out if you have a problem. The parking is great next to my place and all”

    – Casey M.

  • “It’s very quiet here and people are pretty friendly. The community is well kept and there are pet stations everywhere that have trash bags always in them to clean up after our pets. The amenities are a plus and I feel very safe here.”

    – Crystal B.

  • “I do enjoy my stay at Park 9 for the most part! The noise issue with my former neighbors lasted for the duration of their time here, and never was fully resolved, until they moved out, thankfully! I can say that the leasing office did their absolute best to resolve the issue, and when new neighbors moved in and tried to play excessively loud music with surround sound, the leasing office took care of it immediately, and haven’t had any issues since. The grounds are beautiful and well-kept, and just wish that other neighbors would keep it that way, except letting their dog(s) poop everywhere and not clean it up (pure laziness and very inconsiderate). I don’t think the increase in rent by 12 or even 33% is ideal, especially when it’s an apartment complex, not a traditional townhome or home, and the cost of living is very difficult during these times of high inflation. Overall, I love my view from my balcony, and have made several friends with the neighbors, who I dearly love!”

    – Lindsey B.

  • “This is an incredible community. The staff is wonderful and attentive. I really enjoy living here, and I would highly recommend. The amenities are great, it’s clean and quiet.”

    – Shawna G.

  • “Love the amenities and specifically the counter tops! Most complexes have fake granite while these counter tops are real. Lots of cabinet space too!”

    – Anna N.

  • “Very happy with our move in. Love our apartment. Management has been helpful and timely. The property is well taken care of and beautiful.”

    – Debra G.

  • “These apartment have been one of the best I’ve stayed in since moving to Georgia! The grounds team does an amazing job cleaning the exteriors and the amnesties are always clean. Great staff here!”

    – Jaylon Y.

  • “Move in was easy and smooth! Place was clean everything that was expected was there. Great place to live! Great community as well! The gym is very nice as well as the pool!”

    – Seth N.

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